About Alcoeur Gardens

Choosing the best elder care is a family decision. And when it’s time for help, Alcoeur Gardens is a place where you or your loved one is treated like family. We pride ourselves on providing a home away from home in a secure, safe, clean, and beautiful environment.

We don’t own or build large facilities for a reason. We fundamentally approach the philosophy of elder care with three words…

~Compassion, Dignity and Respect~

While Alcoeur Gardens is licensed and surveyed by the NJ State Department of Health and Senior Services, as well as the County Board of Social Services and meets all mandated requirements for Residential Care facilities, we pride ourselves on exceeding government standards and mandated requirements.

We don’t look at your family member as an entry on the ledger sheet, we take the approach that we are extending and enhancing the care you would give them yourselves, if you could!

Denise Van Tassell, R.N. B.S. LNHA CALA

Ms. Van Tassell founded Alcoeur Gardens after having earned Nursing and Biology degrees from CUNY Staten Island and New York Regents College. She went on to gain years of experience working in various hospitals and nursing homes. With a natural love for seniors she was so often frustrated by the institutional feel in senior care facilities that ten years ago she decided to strike out on her own and create home-like alternative-living facilities for the memory impaired. From one facility, Alcoeur Gardens has now grown to include several new, clean, comfortable home-like facilities Brick, and Toms River, NJ (with another facility under construction in Whiting, NJ).

Aside from her roles as Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner of Alcoeur Gardens, Van Tassell is also a Certified Assisted Living Administrator (CALA) and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA) and the President of Varis Health Consultants, a company approved by the Department of Health and Senior Services to provide education for Nursing Home Administrators in the State of New Jersey.

Dee Massa, BA, CALA 

Denise "Dee" is the Director of Operations for Alcoeur Gardens, a homelike community for persons with Alzheimer’s disease. She dedicates herself each day to preserving the dignity and respect of all residents that live at Alcoeur Gardens and strives to provide them to live their best life.  

Her introduction into the health care field came when her own mom suffered for a decade with a brain disease called Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsey and went thru a myriad of in home caregivers, rehabilitation centers, hospice services, all that were less than desirable and was determined to find something better out there.  She then met Denise VanTassell, the owner of Alcoeur Gardens.  While it was too late for her mom to be in a better memory care residence, it wasn't too late for Dee to switch fields and begin her career helping those who suffer from brain diseases to live their best life with the best quality of care possible.

Dee lives in Brick with her husband Jim and their 3 dogs.  They have 3 boys and a girl who are all out on their own, well mostly.  

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Licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services

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