Alcoeur Gardens  COVID-19 Protocols

  • Only Alcoeur Gardens Staff Members and end-of-life care/visitors permitted; end of life care/visitors are required to complete COVID-19 symptom questionnaire, have temperature checked and wash hands prior to entering resident area; they are escorted by staff directly to resident’s room and remain there for the entire visit

  • Ancillary providers (i.e. home health, wound care, podiatry, etc.), will be permitted to enter once the county/region of the community permits such visits

  • Families are encouraged to participate in virtual visits of the residents via Skype or FaceTime or window visits where possible. Families are encouraged to check our their Facebook page throughout the day to see what is going on in their absence

  • All main entrances are locked to the general public; all visitors, deliveries, etc. must ring bell and require permission from community staff to enter; proper signage in place at front door of each building

  • All community tours are now done by virtual tour 

  • All move-ins are to adhere to strict new move in guidelines

  • Alcoeur Staff Members have temperature checked before and after each shift; any associate who has symptoms and/or an elevated temperature, will be sent home immediately and are to follow-up with his/her PCP for further guidance prior to returning

  • Temperatures are checked on every resident every shift

  • Any staff member who has symptoms is not permitted to work until he/she has tested negative or have been symptom-free as per CDC guidelines (no fever for at least 72 hours without use of fever-reducing medication, no other symptoms present)

  • Primary Care Physician and our owner Denise VanTassell are notified immediately when a resident displays symptoms;  the resident is placed in isolation and treated as positive until testing completed and results are negative

  • If/when a resident is showing symptoms and/or tests positive, dedicated staff will provide all care for that resident to avoid cross-contamination to other neighborhoods; all appropriate PPE to be worn by staff when care is provided and properly disposed of before moving out of the isolated unit or area or prior to contact with a non-infected resident; all meals to be served in his/her room while in isolation, using disposable plates,  utensils, etc.

  • All residents with symptoms or who have tested positive will be placed in same neighborhood or same area when possible

  • All frequently-touched surfaces (i.e. door handles, railings, etc.) are disinfected several times throughout the day as well as office equipment, phones, etc.

  • All surfaces are cleaned every shift and as needed

  • The local health department is notified in the event a resident or associate tests positive; they will determine what further protocols are to be implemented, if any

  • Surgical masks will be worn by all associates at all times if community does not have  active cases or symptoms of COVID-19

  • N95 or KN95 masks will be worn by all associates at all times if community has confirmed cases or symptoms while working with the positive patients and in resident care areas.

  • A resident who has symptoms and/or tests positive will remain in the community as long as he/she does not have respiratory distress and as long as the resident can be safely managed in-house

  • If a resident is hospitalized during this time, he/she will be placed in isolation for the appropriate amount of time as directed by the resident’s physician or per guidance of the community’s local health department or per the current recommendations of the CDC

  • Larger group activities, outside entertainment, outings, etc. have been suspended until further notice

  • Smaller programs, outdoor activities and 1:1 programming will continue

  • Staffing concerns will be managed case-by-case 

  • All associates will receiving “hazard” bonuses if/when their community is experiencing an outbreak 

  • Further protocols will be implemented as necessary and as recommended by the local health department and/or state and/or federal governments 

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