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Share Your Sparkle Movement

Mary Kaba Valis, founder of Share Your Sparkle Movement, "Doing More Than Wishing For A Better Tomorrow", put together the fundraiser this year benefiting Toms River Field of Dreams with a Roaring Twenties All That Jazz theme at the lovely La Bove Grand Banquet Restaurant in Lakehurst on Saturday afternoon.

The TR Field of Dreams is a project with a mission to connect and encourage those with special needs in physical and social activity by building a community complex that provides opportunities for all individuals, of all ages, and all abilities to engage, explore and socialize together in our communities of Monmouth and Ocean counties. Visit their site to learn more.

The community rallied together and donated their time and services, Alcoeur Gardens was honored and over the moon to show our support in every sparkling way possible. If you would like to contact Mary to donate for this benefit or speak to her about your fundraiser, you can email her at

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