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10 Tips To Get You Through Cold & Flu Season

  1. Get More Sleep ~ If you are run down and tired, you will more likely to get sick.

  2. Drink Tea With Honey – Steam from the tea stimulates the tiny follicles up the nose to flush out the germs. Honey (preferably Manuka Honey) is antibacterial and lemons are high in Vitamin C and help thin mucus.

  3. Sanitize Your Work Space – Use disinfectant to deep clean anything that people handle a lot, such as door knobs, elevator buttons, photo copier buttons, computer keys, phones, etc.

  4. Use Your Own Pen! – Especially at bank, doctor’s offices, etc.

  5. Stop Biting Your Nails! Biting you nails is a guaranteed way for germs to enter your body.

  6. Wash Your Hands, ALOT! More you wash your hands the less likely you are to harbor germs – no soap & water around? Use hand sanitizer.

  7. Sweat! Sweating helps the body release toxins; work out, run, sit in sauna, etc.

  8. Symptoms ~ Act on early symptoms such as, sneezing, sore throat, headache, as soon as possible to minimize effects.

  9. Eat & Sleep well. Avoid stress, get plenty of exercise and take vitamin C and D.

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