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Alcoeur Gardens vs. Other Facilities

Individual Attention

Our communities are designed to house, on average, no more than 19 residents! Our low number of residents per community means a higher caregiver to resident ratio and means your family member is given individual care and attention.

Institutional Attention

Rarely will you see less than 50 residents in an Assisted Living facility — especially those with Alzheimer’s units. Their high number of residents per facility means a lower caregiver to resident ratio and that naturally results in an “institutional feel” and level of attention.

Beauty, Security, & Safety for Everyone

Because we specialize in caring for residents with memory loss concerns, we don’t segregate your family member from the rest of the residents, or put our residents in a “Lock Down” facility, or special unit. There are no hidden rooms or locked off areas. Our home-like atmosphere was designed to be clean, safe, secure, and beautiful for EVERY resident — both indoors and out!

Alzheimer’s Resident Segregation 

Large Assisted Living facilities that provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care customarily provide this care in what is referred to as the “Lock Down” unit where residents are segregated from the general population and often personally restrained.But don’t take our word for it. Take a tour of another Alzheimer’s facility and compare it with our homes. Then ask yourself, “Where would I rather live?”

Individually Cooked Meals

Because of our small size we can provide three home-cooked meals a day and are able to accommodate Physician-ordered dietary restrictions. Beyond this, our kitchens, rather than being hidden from “unauthorized entry” are not just open for your viewing, but are custom-designed to add to the overall décor and atmosphere of our homes.

Hand-picked and Certified Staff

We screen our staff to ensure each and every person coming into contact with

your family member is criminal back-

ground cleared, certified, experienced,

and trained in the care of the elderly dementia resident.But we don’t stop there, our fundamental philosophy of compassionate, dignified, respectful care goes into the selection of our staff. Our founders are involved in staff selection

and our staff must meet up with their professional and personal expectations. (Click here to read more about our

founders and their backgrounds.)

Institutionally Cooked Meals

Larger facilities just can’t provide the same degree of individual attention to meals and meal preparation. By default, the food is mass produced for efficiency and economy not taste or individual preference.

Corporate Staffing and High-turnover

Large Assisted Living facilities are notorious for their high call-out and turnover rates,

and employees are not required to be certified. Additionally, these facilities usually have three rotating staff shifts with a minimum of two people per shift. Isn’t memory impairment hard enough? Does

your family member need to be seeing new people around them all the time? Do you want them wondering, “Who is this person

in my room?”

Lower, All-Inclusive Rates

Last but not least, our rates are all inclusive and there is no fee or service leveling! This means that as your loved one’s needs increase, our fees do not.

Incremental Fees and Levels of Care

At its simplest, when your loved one is admitted into a typical facility, add-ons and special services, number of medications, laundry services are incrementally added to their bill as their needs increase.

The Alcoeur Gardens Challenge!

We challenge you! Contact us today to take a tour of one of our communities! Then compare us with another facility or several! Here’s a simple set of questions to ask the facility and yourself:

  • What is your fee structure? What fees do you charge for special needs residents? Are they over and above the fees of other residents?

  • What kind of staffing requirements do they have? What is the ratio of residents to staff? What is the turnover rate? Do they have a separate set of staffing criteria for Alzheimer’s Unit caregivers?

  • Does the facility feel homelike? Is it clean? Does it appear safe? What does it smell like? How easy was it for you to enter the building? 

  • Look at what the residents are eating. Ask to take a look at the food prep area or kitchens.

  • Finally, imagine your loved one spending the remaining years of their life there

We think you’ll agree, at Alcoeur Gardens

Compassion, Dignity, and Respect
is not just our philosophy it’s built into everything we do!

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