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Happy 103rd Birthday Bertha!

On Monday, December 10, 2018, Alcoeur Gardens Residential Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Community of Toms River, joyfully celebrated the extraordinary milestone of her 103rd birthday with some of her family as well as her Alcoeur Gardens families and staff. Bertha or “Grandma” as she is affectionately called by the loving staff of Alcoeur Gardens was born on December 10, 1915 and was raised in the city of Bayonne, NJ. Bertha lived there for a total of 45 years and was a graduate from the high school there.

She then moved to the suburbs of Cranford and lived there for 35 years and eventually settling in Toms River, NJ where she lived for 21 years until she was lovingly placed at her newest home, Alcoeur Gardens of Toms River. Out of all the many places that Bertha has called home, her memories of Bayonne are her fondest. As a young adult Bertha worked at Maidenform in Bayonne. She left that job at 27 when she married and never worked again. As a result, she became a housewife, mother, and grandmother, which was the most important occupation Bertha has held to date. Bertha at 27 years old married her husband of 54 years, Thomas Ramsay and had two girls, Marion and Margaret. Bertha has 9 grandchildren. Their names are Kristin, Tommy, Keri, Shawn, Isabelle, Maggie, Steven, Trey and Keira. Bertha has always cherished the memories of holidays spent surrounded by her beloved family. Happy 103rd Birthday Bertha, it has been an honor to share it with you.

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