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Don't Be a Victim!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

At Alcoeur Gardens, we do our best to remain active in the adult and senior communities. We hold different social events and celebrations, and always enjoy bringing smiles to those we meet along the way.

However, we also strive to raise awareness regarding certain topics that may compromise the health and well-being of our beloved local community. Following yesterday's LIVE Zoom meeting with the Brick Township Police Department, please read below and help us raise awareness of this very real threat! Together, we can make a difference!


As the holidays approach we must all do our best to remain vigilant regarding scams and fraudulence that threaten to compromise our financial foundation. These scams, ever so prevalent as we come into the holiday season, must be avoided. There are many scenarios in which one may find themselves at the mercy of a scammer.

Unfortunately, these con's seem to target the elderly population, though anyone can easily fall victim. Scams targeting our senior population are estimated to be costing $36.5 billion dollars annually. It's best to be aware of these threats so as to better safeguard ourselves and those we love. Scammers can present as a suspicious phone call regarding your personal information or a service you may not remember signing up for, an unexpected text message from a familiar phone number, a seemingly friendly or even an alternatively urgent email. Some can even be convincing enough to pass off as a bill collector of a reputable business!

Many of us have personally experienced these suspicious phone calls and emails. Some have even fallen victim to these cons as they can often seem so convincing! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


In order to continue to raise awareness of this on-going issue, we are posting the information covered by the Brick Township Police Department via the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

For those of you that couldn't attend the LIVE Zoom meeting please use the link and phone number below and read more. DON'T BE A VICTIM!

NJ Division of Consumer Affairs: 800-242-5846

You may also register your phone number and email address with the Federal Trade Commission and be placed on the DO NOT CALL list for telemarketing.

to register by phone: 888-382-1222

To contact Alcoeur Gardens please call 732-290-CARE (2273)

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