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Our next Virtual Support Group Meeting

Feeling isolated or burnt out? Need a safe place to talk? Interested in learning more about memory loss?

Unfortunately, we are still unable to hold meetings in our facility due to the restrictions in place. We are a COVID free facility and doing everything we can to keep our residents and staff safe during these uncertain times. 

However, we would still like to offer a safe (virtual) place for the families and caregivers of the memory impaired. A place to talk with others who are sharing in a similar experience. A place to air the struggles faced while caring for a loved one with memory impairment. These feelings may have now been exacerbated due to quarantining and accompanied by a feeling of isolation. 

At Alcoeur Gardens, our caring and compassionate staff just want to offer a means of support. This meeting will be hosted by our experienced professionals, who may be able to offer you some helpful tips and tools, a means of conflict resolution, coping skills, and of course, compassion and understanding, should you just need to let it out. If you are interested in attending this virtual meeting kindly call by March 17th to reserve your place.



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