How Alcoeur Gardens Has Managed the COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus pandemic and the effects of COVID-19 have had a devastating effect on seniors, especially in nursing homes and memory care facilities. Over the past months, the numbers of who have been affected are devastating. Alcoeur Gardens was certainly not unaffected, but both homes are now COVID-19 free for both residents and all staff. We wanted to share with you how we have been handling pandemic life in our homes.

  • Small Numbers – Both of our locations are small homes with only nineteen residents in each, all with private rooms, unlike most memory care facilities. With such small numbers we can better protect our residents and staff. As of now, for the holidays, we are not permitting loved ones to leave the facility for their own safety and the safety of the other residents. 


  • Visitors – Unfortunately, we have not been allowing any family visits in our homes and we appreciate how understanding everyone has been during this time. Although, we have been able to have outdoor visits on our beautifully landscaped backyards and decks. Which have been therapeutic for both the residents and their family members. We also have been having weekly zooms with all the families. (Check out our new Visitation Policy!)


  • Amazing Staff – Our three to one ratio has remained the same throughout the entirety of this pandemic. With our amazing and loyal team, they have gone above and beyond at every chance to care for our residents. Weekly Covid-19 testing is being implemented to ensure safety for all. 


  • Outside Time – Now that the weather is warm and sunny, we have all been enjoying time outside. Daily time spent outside has raised everyone’s spirits. The residents are gardening and enjoying watching their plants bloom. Also, time spent on our front porch on rocking chairs is an all-time favorite!


  • Positive Activities – We have continued to celebrate milestone birthdays with cake and good music, Memorial Day with an outdoor BBQ, we celebrated Mother’s Day with a celebration with flowers and zoom calls to families. We believe that keeping our residents spirits up is so important!


  • Healthy Diet – As always, we believe that a healthy diet and good nutrition helps to not only promote overall health, but to combat cognitive decline. While the pandemic has been going on, we have upped our menu with even more vitamin rich foods, as well as immunity boosting healthy drinks.

Coronavirus Update

At Alcoeur Gardens the safety of our residents is our number one concern, due to the Coronavirus pandemic we cannot accept visitors at either of our locations. We will continue to accept new residents into our memory care community for Respite or Full-Time with appropriate testing and waiting period.

All new residents will undergo a rigorous screening before admission to protect our current residents and staff. If you have a memory impaired loved one and need a loving home like community, or if you have any questions feel free to contact our office at 732-244-1931. Thank you for help in keeping our residents safe and have a happy and healthy Holiday Season!