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Don't be a Victim of one of the many Scams Targeting Seniors!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

As the holidays approach we must all do our best to remain vigilant regarding scams. These scams, ever so prevalent as we come into the holiday season, must be avoided. There are many scenarios in which one may find themselves at the mercy of these cons.

Being a smart consumer requires having the tools to protect yourself from fraud and abuse. Unfortunately, there are many ways for con artists and other criminals to gain entry into our lives: over the phone, through the internet, sometimes in our own homes.

Please join Alcoeur Gardens for a LIVE Zoom meeting with the Brick Township Police Department as we uncover the latest senior scams. We will discuss stories of victims, tips on how to spot a scam, ways to avoid becoming a victim, and much more. Spots are limited. Kindly RSVP to ensure your place in the virtual meeting and secure your official invitation. Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 27th, beginning promptly at 1 pm. Ask for Stephanie! 732-290-2273

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